3 Ways To Style Your Curly Braid

Curly braiding extension has been one of the major braid trends since 2020.

Are you thinking of braids? You can’t go wrong with any color you choose.

There are different ways you can style curly braiding extensions, here are our top 3 major ways you can try.

1. Classic flat

classic flat

This is the most popular way to wear braids. Just let them lay as they are, no need to spend time styling your hair. This style is best for when you just want to head out quickly.

2. Tied up

tied up

The classic high ponytail is tied up with a large scrunchie or mini scarf. Although this is a simple look, it is fun and easy to manipulate. When you’re tired of your braids laying flat, just tie them up.

3. Short braids

Style Your Curly Braid

Short braiare is a style that’s done by a few but always looks stunning. We love how the curls have been mixed with straight braids to create this style. Short curly braids are versatile and can also be styled up or to the side to give your face a new look.

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